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St Helens TSA Leadership Package in collaboration with ECM Leadership

ECM Education Consultants are a new and exciting educational training and consultancy company, established in September 2010. The three directors John Evans, Phil Choi and Mark Mullin (ECM), completed their second headships in July 2010, having had extensive experience in education as Head Teachers, School Improvement Partners, Local Authority Advisors and NCSL Consultants. The ECM directors have also carried out Local Authority Advisory work and training, as well as support for schools in challenging circumstances, and are currently working alongside and supporting a large number of schools in four Local Authorities.

ECM understand and appreciate the challenges and demands on Headteachers and Senior Leaders in schools, and as such, have devised a wide range of training and support materials that meet the needs of busy leaders, as well as giving excellent value for money. It is our core purpose to make sure that colleagues have the time and assistance to complete major tasks effectively and to a high standard, whilst maintaining an appropriate and positive work-life balance.

ECM-Leadership network (for those who have signed to be part of the group):

We have secured the following 3 year programme: optional sign up for 12 months can be arranged.

• Teaching and learning review carried out by a practising OFSTED inspector (every 18 months) including a full written report on all areas of the OFSTED framework

• 3 leadership partner days per year to move forward bespoke needs of the school

• 6 leadership training sessions for 2 delegates (HT/DHT/AHT or SLT member) to include: SIP writing, SES/SEF writing/analysis of the NEW RAISE, monitoring and evaluation including cross school moderation, safeguarding and appraisal.

• Governor training sessions for 2 Governors syncing with leadership training

Optional extras could include: HT performance management.

Please see below the dates that have been confirmed for the next sessions. All sessions will be full days at The World of Glass, St Helens.

Head Teacher and SLT session:

20th SEPT – Appraisal

1st NOV- EYFS SES writing

10TH NOV- Raise on line analysis

18TH NOV- SES Outcomes

22ND NOV- School improvement planning

17TH JAN 2017- Monitoring and Evaluation


Governor training sessions will follow- 2 Governor places allocated. These sessions will run at 6.30-8.30pm at Rainford High School

4th OCT - Appraisal

28th NOV-  ROL

7th DEC-  SES

13th DEC- SIP

2nd FEB- Monitoring and evaluation

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