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NW3 Maths Hub is pleased to offer an academic year of Teaching and Learning CPD sessions for your whole department throughout 2017-18.

The majority of Sessions will take place at Rainford High Technology College, St Helens between 4 and 6pm- see individual sessions for exact venues.

Tea, coffee and biscuits will be provided on arrival.

Autumn Term 1

Wednesday 27th September 2017


Steve Lomax

Creator of Kangaroo Maths and Glow Maths Hub


Teaching for Mastery

Creating a positive mind set


St John Bosco High School, Storrington Ave, Liverpool L11

Autumn Term 2

Thursday 23rd November 2017


Mel Muldowney

Just Maths


Focussing on the crossover topics.

Looking at some of the key topics that are important for students to nail regardless of their tier of entry – those questions that appear on both tiers … the good, the bad and the ugly!


Rainford High School, Higher Ln, Rainford, Saint Helens WA11 8NY

Spring Term 1

Wednesday 31st January 2018

Ems Lloyd

Director of Nrich


This workshop will address mathematical Habits of Mind. It would address using curriculum materials from NRICH (FREE resources) but focusing on key skills such as developing resilience, collaborative working, thinking deeply and promoting curiosity. It will be an interactive session, trying out the resources both individually and in small groups with opportunities for discussion about ways to implement them in the classroom.

St John Bosco High School,  Storrington Ave, Liverpool L11

Spring Term 2

Tuesday 13th March 2018

Andrew Jeffrey



Deepening and problem solving at KS3 with a focus at GCSE and clarity on delivering lessons at KS3 and 4.


Rainford High School, Higher Ln, Rainford, Saint Helens WA11 8NY 



Summer Term 1

Monday 23th April 2018


Craig Barton

Mr Barton Maths

Diagnostic Questions


"10 things I wish I knew"

Craig will present a selection of things he wished he knew when he first started teaching based on findings from cognitive science, memory and psychology. These are simple, practical principles that can significantly enhance the teaching, learning and enjoyment of mathematics.


Rainford High School, Higher Ln, Rainford, Saint Helens WA11 8NY

Summer Term 2

Date: TBC


Will Emeny

Creator of




 Rainford High School,  Higher Ln, Rainford, Saint Helens WA11 8NY













































PLEASE NOTE that dates may be subject to change with advance notice to all delegates that have confirmed a place.

The cost of the entire programme is: £250 per maths department.
This includes: key note delivery including materials and refreshments for the whole of your maths department for the full package.

All sessions can be booked via email directly to: Sarah Makin (TSA Admin) - or .

For any further queries about any of the training sessions or if you are interested in becoming an alliance member and qualifying for any future discounts please don't hesitate in contacting myself or Lindsay Porter, Secondary Maths Hub Lead-




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