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Salaried: 3BFS

St.Mary and St.Thomas C.E. Primary Alliance offer the salaried route into teaching in collaboration with LJMU and is aimed at applicants with prior experience. This normally involves previous employment in a school-setting but other career changers are welcome to apply. Applicants for this employment-based route must apply with the support of a school who is willing to employ them as an unqualified teacher for the duration of the programme which is one academic year. You will gain a Postgraduate Certificate, alongside Qualified Teacher Status.

This Salaried training programme is unique as you will benefit from training sessions delivered by outstanding and specialised trainers from our teaching School partnership – Head teachers, Specialist Leaders in Education, experienced consultants and outstanding practitioners who are still involved in teaching. This element of the training takes place at our training centre at St.Mary and St.Thomas C.E. Primary school and in our Strategic Partner Schools. We offer a personalised approach in the training sessions which you access in order to facilitate your individual development. The PGCE  element of the training is assessed through 2 Modules with LJMU. The Award of QTS is integral to one of these academic Modules. You will also complete one essay, in two parts which asks you to reflect on your practice. The PGCE will be taught by experienced and friendly staff from LJMU and you will join a community of students at IMMarsh campus for University – based sessions, which begin with a Summer School during the last week of August.

As a Salaried School Direct trainee you may be expected to teach up to 90% of a teacher timetable and be responsible for the planning, teaching and assessment of your class(es) from early on in the year. Trainees on the salaried programme are selected, recruited and employed directly by schools, and often continue teaching in their school following training.

In order to achieve Qualified Teacher Status, you will demonstrate that you are able to meet all the requirements of the Teachers’ Standards. You will be supported in meeting this target by your Personal Learning Coordinator in the school/Mentor. The Strategic Lead of the School Direct programme and LJMU staff are in regular contact with all trainees on placement, undertake co-observations of their teaching and Quality Assure this school-based training.

Your school-based experience takes place largely in your employing school, supported by well- trained Personal Learning Coordinators/mentors. The Strategic Lead and a member of LJMU staff is attached to each school and is responsible for visiting regularly in order to support trainees and their mentors. Relationships are very close and constructive.

All trainees are entitled to weekly review and feedback meetings with their Personal Learning Coordinator/Mentor, to progress meetings with the Strategic Lead and to tutorials with LJMU staff. This “wraparound” care ensures that you are consistently supported from start to finish, both personally and professionally.

In addition to the time spent in a Home School, you will also undertake an alternative placement of roughly 2 weeks in a contrasting school. This placement will be one of the schools within our Alliance which are all Outstanding or Good.

Additional experiences are also often provided for instance through visits to Special Schools, Secondary Schools and Foundation Stage. Your final assessment for QTS is conducted at the end of the year.

 You will be paid as an unqualified teacher by your employing school for the duration of your training. This will be calculated using the unqualified teachers’ pay scales. Your employing school will pay the costs of your PGCE training and assessment. In some instances a contribution towards the PGCE fee is requested from trainees by the employing school.

For further information applicants should contact:

St Mary and St Thomas CE Primary School Alliance
Kathy Carman (Strategic Lead for School Direct)

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