(LLE) Local Leader in Education


LLEs are serving Head Teachers that work with the Teaching School Alliances. TSAs commission LLEs to support schools in need.

There is currently no other designation route for people meeting the basic criteria and wishing to become accredited, as the NCTL is not recruiting in the NW region. This is because it is thought that there are sufficient. Natural wastage and some inactive LLEs mean that coverage to deliver school-to-school support is not secure without others being designated to carry out this work and keep the system supplied.

As a pilot, the Learn and Lead Partnership are able to recommend LLE designation to the College. They are following the same process as NCTL uses to accredit LLEs in the past.

The St Helens TSA has currently has 5 active LLEs working on behalf of the Teaching School.

A number of Head teachers within the St Helens Teaching School Alliance have shown interest in this scheme and the accreditation it brings. If you would like to find out more or express an interest in this accreditation in the future please contact: lisa.bradshaw@three-saints.org.uk

Please click on the links below to view all relevant paperwork. 

LLE application Guidance.docx

LLE application Part A and B questions.docx

LLE application reference form.docx



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