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NW Maths Hub 3 – Spring CPD offers Primary

NW Maths Hub 3 is offering the following Primary Maths CPD opportunities in the spring and summer term 2018. Further details are linked at the bottom of the page.

Year 6 Preparation for SATs – Tuesday 16th January 2018, 9.00-3.30pm
Focus: Implications of previous tests and test preparation, utilising basic skills to attempt harder calculations and problems, simple tools and strategies given to improve arithmetic fluency and effective strategies to tackle unseen reasoning questions.

EYFS- Using a story/topic based approach to plan a mathematical sequence – starting on: Wednesday 17th January 2018, 9-12.
Focus: Staff will explore mathematical concepts from 30-50 months to ensure they are meeting the ELGs, Staff will ensure progression is built into the lesson design through a creative approach based on story, awe and wonder! and counting to ordering to calculation including making connections between other mathematical areas.
The package will include: 3 ½ day sessions and all resources used at the sessions

Differentiation in a mastery context- KS1- Tuesday30th January 2018, 9.00-12.00 noon
To support teachers to differentiate effectively within a mastery mathematics curriculum
To identify the big mathematical ideas that underpin learning of key concepts
How equipment and images can be used to build conceptual understanding
To give children opportunities to work at greater depth within year group expectations
Additional dates for UKS2 and LKS2- March 2018

Assessment of Mastery
How to meet the needs of all learners including rapid graspers and lower attaining pupils
Supporting teachers to monitor current provision, identifying gaps and planning next steps to ensure children are prepared to meet end of year national expectations
Teachers will need to bring 3 pupil books that show a difference in mathematical attainment and thinking
KS1- Tuesday 6th February 2018, 9.00-3.30pm.
LKS2- Tuesday 20th February 2018, 9-3.30pm.

UKS2- Tuesday 27th February 2018, 9-3.30pm.

Mathematics Subject Leader Day 2- Friday 23rd February 2018, 9.00am – 3.30pm
Assessment of Mastery; moderation and standardisation
Mathematical updates and current thinking. There will also be an opportunity for quality assurance of Maths practice via NW Maths Hub 3 as they share their experiences from current national practice and policy.

Achieving Greater Depth in a Mastery Context- starting in June 2018

achieving greater depth in a mastery context

Maths SL Network Primary 2017-18

Maths CPD spring 2018

Differentitation in a mastery context spring 2018

Places are limited and will be given on a first come, first serve basis.

A full days course costs- £150, this includes: refreshments (including light lunch) and all course materials.

½ day training costs- £70, this includes: tea/coffee/biscuits and all course materials.

Alliance members receive 25% of all training opportunities.

Maths SL network meetings and Head Teacher briefings are Free of Charge to all alliance members.

To reserve a place for any event please contact: Sarah Makin and/or Paula Foster

Thank you in advance. We look forward to working with you and your staff soon.

St Helens TSA- Leadership briefings spring 2018

The St Helens TSA lead for Maths Hub NW3 would like to invite all Head Teachers and Senior Leaders to the following Leadership briefings in the spring term 2018.

  • Supporting schools for the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)- this session will help schools to comply with your responsibilities to information rights in school, colleges and universities. The session will be delivered by Dmitrije Sivovica (Browne Jacobson) on Wednesday 17th January 2018, 1-4pm at The World of Glass, St Helens.
  • WOWS Marking and Feedback Project- The session will be delivered by Phil Edge (HT at Newfold CPS, Wigan) on Wednesday 7th February 1.30-3.30pm at The World of Glass, St Helens. In October 2014, the DfE launched the workload challenge. This was a month-long survey asking teachers for their views on how to reduce unnecessary workload. Analysis of the survey identified marking as one of the three most burdensome tasks impacting on teacher workload. As a result, the DfE set up the Marking Policy Review Group to look at marking practices in schools that are raising standards successfully while reducing marking workload. The Group’s report was published in March 2016.

Following discussions about the potential impact of new approaches to marking and feedback noted in the Marking Policy Review Group Report, the WOWS Consortium put together a reflective research project to evaluate their current marking procedures and consider a range of alternative methodologies across member schools.

The intended aim was to develop and evaluate alternative ways of working that could be disseminated across all schools in the Consortium and beyond. The project was also viewed as an opportunity to implement a programme of reflective research that is seen as an essential element of an evidence based profession. The session will give you a practice approach on how you can adopt and adapt a similar approach in your schools.

  • Safeguarding Awareness Refresher Training – This session will be delivered by Linda Smith (Safeguarding and Well-being SLE) on Thursday 1st March 1-4pm at The World of Glass, St Helens.

The session will focus on:


Signs and indicators of abuse

Specific safeguarding issues

Safer working practices

  • To recognise the signs and indicators of the four main types of abuse
  • To know what to do when you suspect a child or young person may be experiencing, or is at risk of, significant harm
  • To develop an awareness of specific safeguarding issues
  • To ensure that the school setting and staff protect and promote pupils’ welfare


Legislation and guidance

Serious case reviews

Information sharing

  • To understand the legislative framework underpinning child protection work
  • To be able to discern lessons that can be taken from serious case reviews to improve both personal and organisational practice
  • To understand the importance of information sharing



Reporting concerns

Duty to refer

  • To understand best practice when dealing with disclosures
  • To know how to make an accurate and effective record of concerns
  • To understand the responsibility placed on individuals to refer concerns

The above are the statutory elements that have to be covered in Safeguarding Refresher training however mental health, adverse childhood experiences and anecdotal information with be included in the presentation.

To reserve a place on any/all of the leadership briefings please contact: Sarah Makin (Senior Administrator TSA):  or Paula Foster (Administrator):

Target Audience: Head Teachers, Governors with specific responsibilities, DHTs, AHTs and other senior leads.


The cost of the Leadership briefings is £50.00 per session including all course materials, tea/coffee and biscuits. The sessions are FREE of Charge for all alliance members.

For additional information regarding any of the training offers don’t hesitate in contacting- Lisa Bradshaw (Director of The St Helens Teaching School Alliance)

We look forward to working with you and your schools in the future.

Kind Regards

Lisa Bradshaw

Director of the St Helens Teaching School Alliance and NW Maths Hub 3

Director of School Improvement- Three Saints Academy Trust