Monthly Archive: March 2016


Please see these KS2 example Maths test papers (including mark schemes).

New arithmetic and reasoning papers for all year groups have been added to the NCTEM/Maths Hub website- under the White Rose Maths Hub selection. These are a great resource and have been uploaded this morning!

The year group reasoning/fluency and problem solving year group documents for the summer term will be available from 11th April- keep an eye out on the NCTEM/Maths Hub website.

Confirmation from DFE that rulers are allowed in KS1 arithmetic test.

The NW Maths Hub 3 is seeking local primary schools to participate in a national research project to measure the effectiveness of a programme of teaching for Year 2 children designed to promote children’s quantitative reasoning —understanding the relations between numbers and being able to use them to solve problems.

The project, using materials designed by researchers at Oxford University and funded by the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) is being run in eight Maths Hubs areas and coordinated by the NCETM. NW Maths Hub 3 is one of the eight Maths Hubs participating.

An earlier EEF trial of the programme showed a positive impact on pupils’ numeracy ability.

In this larger scale project, at NW Maths Hub 3, we seek to recruit 20 primary schools to participate in the project, which will run during the school year 2016/2017. Once the 20 schools have been selected, half will be chosen at random to receive the teaching intervention, the other half will carry on teaching as usual. This group will receive training and the materials for use during the school year 2017/2018.

Schools applying will need to be in, or near, the geographical area covered by this Maths Hub.  NW Maths Hub 3 is led by the St Helens Teaching School Alliance.

For further information please see Mathematical Reasoning – school information sheet; including commitment to the programme.

Please see the Expression of interest form– the deadline for this is Thursday 28 April 2016. This should be returned to: