Mastery Through Intervention

Last year 4 local primary schools took part in Mastery through intervention programme on behalf of NW Maths Hub 3 in association with Edge Hill University- ECC Team. This involved the teacher and TA, associated with the same class supporting each other to diagnose the mathematical gaps that existed within their class and being taught how to ‘plug the gaps’. This intervention programme is written as a ‘Keep up not catch up’ intervention programme. During the autumn term this has been cascaded to a further 10 schools.

Maths Hub NW 3 are now offering this to a further 20 schools to start in January 2017.

Target audience:  A Teacher and TA from Y3, 4 or 5 that requires additional support, advice and guidance on delivering a maths intervention programme to children below age related expectations via a Mastery approach. This is open to ALL schools across the NW region.

The Expectation of the programme:

  • The teacher and TA, working in the same year group, will attend ALL 3 days of face-to face training.
  • It is aimed at Y3, Y4 and Y5 teachers/TAs.
  • After each face-to face day the Teacher/TA will receive a ½ day release session to complete the diagnostic activities.
  • Select a class that has the highest % of children below age- related expectations
  • Ideally the TA will be strong and have some experience of delivering intervention, however this is not essential.

Aims of the 3 day programme:

Improving the outcomes for learner who need keep up/ improving the school management of keep up support/ improve the skills needed to support learners who have difficulties in a mastery context. This includes input on:

  • The pedagogy of mastery
    • Variation
    • Coherence
    • Representation and structure
    • Developing fluency
    • Thinking mathematically
  • Pedagogy of intervention
    • Identifying learners needs
    • Understanding what to do for learners who have difficulties
    • Breaking down learning and assembling coherent conceptual journeys
  • Managing intervention
    • Identifying learners who need keep up or catch up intervention
    • Developing good communication
    • School management role in supporting intervention

Sessions will run as follows at The World of Glass, St Helens.  

Thursday 26th January 2017-       Day 1

Thursday 2nd March 2017-           Day 2

Thursday 4th May 2017-                Day 3


Cost of the programme is: £300 per school for 2 delegates (1x Teacher and 1x TA) for 3 days of training; including all course materials, delivery and refreshments.


If you wish to express an interest please contact Lisa Bradshaw: lisa.bradshaw:

Places will be offered on a first come, first serve basis and based on the school ensuring they can fulfil the requirements above.