NW Maths Hub 3- Secondary Maths opportunities 2017-18

Please see attached further details of the Secondary Maths Hub opportunities for 2017-18:

  • NQT Programme
  • TSST Programme
  • Maths HOD meetings

To follow…Secondary Maths CPD network, Maths SLE programme, Mathematical thinking for GCSE effectiveness Work Groups, Y5-Y8 continuity development Work Group, Year 7 catch-up intervention development Work Group, Challenging topics at GCSE development Work Groups. In addition to Cohort 2 of the Teaching for Mastery specialist teacher recruitment and work group school opportunities…

To reserve a place on any of the programmes attached please contact: sarah.makin@three-saints.org.uk and for further information contact: Lindsay Porter lindsayporter44@yahoo.co.uk (Secondary Maths Hub Lead) or Lisa Bradshaw: lisa.Bradshaw@three-saints.org.uk

Mathematics_Teacher_Subject_Specialism_Flyer_STH_040416 (1)

Secondary Maths HOD 2017-18

Secondary NQT Maths flyer 2017-18

secondary NQT maths programme invite 2017-18