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HMI Maths briefing by Jane Jones, HMI Maths lead

NW Maths Hub 3 would like to invite all Primary school leaders– Head teachers, senior leaders and maths leads to attend a HMI Maths briefing delivered by Jane Jones HMI Maths lead.

The session will take place on: Tuesday 7th November- 9-12 noon at The World of Glass, Chalon Way E, Saint Helens WA10 1BX.

Focus of the session: The teaching for mastery approach, expectations, how HMI/OFSTED are using this knowledge/approach to inform inspections. Progress and lessons learnt from previous inspections. What is working well in schools based on recent visits?

There will be a non-profit charge of £10 made by St Helens TSA to cover the cost of the venue and refreshments. Places will be allocated on a first come, first serve basis.

Ofsted give further reassurance to schools using mastery approach to mathematics teaching

Schools adopting mastery approaches to the teaching of maths have received a further reassurance from Ofsted that such an approach is wholly consistent with the new curriculum.

Speaking at a Maths Hubs programme event on mastery teaching in primary schools, Jane Jones HMI, Ofsted’s National Lead for Mathematics, also gave some advice to schools on how to explain their approach to Ofsted inspectors.

The speech came at the end of a day in which schools that have recently hosted teachers from Shanghai outlined how their approaches to teaching maths are already changing to reflect a number of the mastery approaches. For example, the practice of putting children on different tables, with different work, according to perceived ability had been abandoned in favour of keeping the whole class together on the same content for the entirety of the lesson. Depth of understanding is being prioritised, alongside high expectations of every child.

Jane Jones explained that both the new curriculum and the Ofsted handbook stressed that an objective of teaching was to create deeper understanding rather than to accelerate pupils into new content.

In the past, she said, differentiation was often achieved by a teacher preparing different activities or worksheets for different groups of pupils. Now there are other ways, consistent with the new curriculum and a mastery approach, of catering for different attainment levels within a classroom.

These could include giving pupils differing amounts of time using concrete resources to help them grasp concepts, and giving what she called the ‘rapid-graspers’ more challenging questions and problems to work on, and reason about.

She acknowledged that the whole class teaching model—a key feature of teaching for mastery—can sometimes look slower than usual. But she assured her audience that inspectors will not judge teaching and progress based on the speed of getting through content. They will focus on the depth of pupils’ learning – the impact of the teaching.

She ended her address with an impassioned plea for teachers attracted by the mastery approach to ‘go for it’ in the best interests of their pupils.

This will be a popular event so please book early to avoid disappointment. To reserve a place email-

Pen Portrait-

Jane Jones has been an HMI since 2002. She inspects primary and secondary schools/academies, including those causing concern, and initial teacher education. As National Adviser for mathematics, she leads Ofsted’s work in mathematics, which includes an annual programme of survey visits, dissemination of findings, and provision of advice to the Chief Inspector, Ministers, the Department for Education and other stakeholders. Jane holds a Master’s degree in mathematics and qualified teacher status. She led and taught mathematics in four varied 11-18 secondary schools. She has experience of higher, primary and pre-school education and was a principal examiner for GCSE mathematics and a Qualifications and Curriculum Authority consultant/scrutineer.

Supporting GCSE Maths Resits

GCSE Maths Resits: Discover students’ voices and collaborate on how best to support them

Maths Hub NW3 is delighted to welcome Maths teachers and leaders, vocational tutors and leaders and anyone from SLT to a network meeting to discuss the issue of forced GCSE Maths Resits at the City of Liverpool College, Clarence Street, on Monday 2nd October from 4-5.30pm (refreshments will be available from 3.30pm).

Anna Bellamy (Sheffield Hallam University) will present findings from her PhD which will include personal mathematical histories and the effects that forced GCSE resits have had on the students and their lives.

We will then have the opportunity to collaborate with other schools and colleges and share good practice in supporting these students as best we can through the process. In particular, we would like to encourage maths specialists to work more closely with vocational tutors and teachers of other subjects.

If you would like to attend then please complete the form via the link below:

We would be very grateful if you could share this with any colleagues who may be interested.

Any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Catherine van Saarloos:

Level 3 Lead Maths Hub NW3
City of Liverpool College

Primary Maths Training Sessions

NW Maths Hub 3 are offering the following primary training sessions starting in September 2017:

  • Introduction to the ‘Mathematical Toolkit’ developed by Tara Loughran, Maths Consultant- This is for teachers that are new to the year group or new to the Mathematical Toolkit. The session will introduce and support teachers in planning for depth through small steps ensuring coherence and progression in skills. Staff will receive 1 complete unit of work that can be taught in the autumn term.

KS1- Tuesday 12th September- 9-3pm
LKS2- Wednesday 13th September- 9-3pm
UKS2- Friday 15th  September- 9-3pm

  • Catering for Higher attaining pupils (rapid graspers) in a mastery context. The Session will focus on ways to extend mathematics thinking beyond the mathematical toolkit so that children are generalising, reasoning, proving, hypothesising and predicting. Practitioners will explore how to show progress for higher attainers to ensure challenge is evident.

KS1- Tuesday 26th September- 9-3pm
LKS2- Wednesday 27th September- 9-3pm
UKS2- Thursday 28th September- 9-3pm

  • Teaching Assistant Training Programme- supporting mathematical provision. The Project will: Build the subject knowledge and pedagogy that promotes effective learning in mathematics,  support all children in their ability to reason mathematically and become independent learners, establish the role of the Teaching Assistant within a mastery maths curriculum and empower Teaching Assistants to be proactive in supporting mathematical learning. This project will run over 4 sessions. The first session will take place on: Wednesday 20th September, 9.00am to 3.00pm.
  • Active Maths- FREE of charge. Tuesday 19th September, 1-4pm at The World of Glass.

For further information regarding the training above please see these flyers:

bar modelling training autumn 2017-18 offer
Differentation in a mastery context 2017
Excellent Maths Teacher flyer 2017-18
Maths CPD 2017-18 autumn
Maths of the Day Workshop Maths flyer
Maths SL Network Primary 2017-18
St Helens TSA Mike Askew
TA Training Programme Outline

Autumn term offers are also available- please see flyers above for further details- these include:

  • Primary Maths Conference- Mike Askew key note
  • Excellent Maths Teacher Programme
  • Assessment and mathematical moderations
  • EYFS- maths through story
  • Differentiation in a mastery context
  • Bar modelling
  • Subject leader network- termly focus

To reserve a place on any of the training please contact: Sarah Makin, Maths Hub Administrator-

Free professional development for teachers of the NEW A level Maths specifications

NW Maths Hub 3 would like to offer ‘Free professional development for mathematics teachers of the NEW A level Mathematics specifications’.

MEI Underground Mathematics: Resources to address the requirements of the new A level training events will run on: Thursday 30th November, Foresight Centre, University of Liverpool

Please see flyer attached for further information.

To reserve a place please complete the online application form-

Please feel free to share with your networks.

If you are interested in getting involved in the NW Maths Hub 3 Post 16 WG networks etc.. Please contact:  Catherine VanSaarloos- (NW Maths Hub 3 Post 16 Lead).

Secondary Maths opportunities for 2017-18

As a result of fantastic feedback from the 2016-17 NW Maths Hub 3 are offering the following Secondary Maths opportunities for 2017-18. Please see attachments for further details.

  • Maths NQT programme
  • Maths HOD meetings (locations include: Wigan, St Helens and Wirral- please feel free to attend any)
  • Secondary CPD network
  • Secondary Maths TSST Programme

Target audience: KS3-5 NQTs/teachers, Secondary Maths HOD and educators from across the NW region.

Additional Secondary Maths opportunities are being explored and developed and will be available in the autumn term. Further details to follow in the next few weeks…

Please feel free to share with your networks.

Mathematics_Teacher_Subject_Specialism_Flyer_STH_040416 (1)

Secondary CPD Sessions 2016-17 v3

Secondary Maths HOD 2017-18

Secondary NQT Maths flyer 2017-18

secondary NQT maths programme invite 2017-18

All sessions can be booked via email directly to: Sarah Makin (TSA Admin) –

For any further queries about any of the training sessions or if you are interested in becoming an alliance member and qualifying for any future discounts please don’t hesitate in contacting myself or Lindsay Porter, Secondary Maths Hub Lead-