Primary Maths Training Sessions

NW Maths Hub 3 are offering the following primary training sessions starting in September 2017:

  • Introduction to the ‘Mathematical Toolkit’ developed by Tara Loughran, Maths Consultant- This is for teachers that are new to the year group or new to the Mathematical Toolkit. The session will introduce and support teachers in planning for depth through small steps ensuring coherence and progression in skills. Staff will receive 1 complete unit of work that can be taught in the autumn term.

KS1- Tuesday 12th September- 9-3pm
LKS2- Wednesday 13th September- 9-3pm
UKS2- Friday 15th  September- 9-3pm

  • Catering for Higher attaining pupils (rapid graspers) in a mastery context. The Session will focus on ways to extend mathematics thinking beyond the mathematical toolkit so that children are generalising, reasoning, proving, hypothesising and predicting. Practitioners will explore how to show progress for higher attainers to ensure challenge is evident.

KS1- Tuesday 26th September- 9-3pm
LKS2- Wednesday 27th September- 9-3pm
UKS2- Thursday 28th September- 9-3pm

  • Teaching Assistant Training Programme- supporting mathematical provision. The Project will: Build the subject knowledge and pedagogy that promotes effective learning in mathematics,  support all children in their ability to reason mathematically and become independent learners, establish the role of the Teaching Assistant within a mastery maths curriculum and empower Teaching Assistants to be proactive in supporting mathematical learning. This project will run over 4 sessions. The first session will take place on: Wednesday 20th September, 9.00am to 3.00pm.
  • Active Maths- FREE of charge. Tuesday 19th September, 1-4pm at The World of Glass.

For further information regarding the training above please see these flyers:

bar modelling training autumn 2017-18 offer
Differentation in a mastery context 2017
Excellent Maths Teacher flyer 2017-18
Maths CPD 2017-18 autumn
Maths of the Day Workshop Maths flyer
Maths SL Network Primary 2017-18
St Helens TSA Mike Askew
TA Training Programme Outline

Autumn term offers are also available- please see flyers above for further details- these include:

  • Primary Maths Conference- Mike Askew key note
  • Excellent Maths Teacher Programme
  • Assessment and mathematical moderations
  • EYFS- maths through story
  • Differentiation in a mastery context
  • Bar modelling
  • Subject leader network- termly focus

To reserve a place on any of the training please contact: Sarah Makin, Maths Hub Administrator-