Mathematical lesson design training programme Y1-7

NW Maths Hub 3 will be offering the following training programme: Mathematics lesson design and structure. Further details here: Maths lesson design spring 2018

Aims of the session:

  • Supporting teachers with long term planning and short term panning ensuring depth coverage and progression.
  • Ensure staff are teaching the 3 aims of the National Curriculum, using the CPA approach to develop a deeper understanding.
  • During the session staff will have the opportunity to create a sequence of learning from the model to build a golden thread of thinking including tackling differentiation in a mastery context.
  • Staff will also receive 1 complete unit of work that can be taught in the spring term from ‘The mathematical toolkit’.

Year group training will take place: Year 1-7; starting on 25th January 2018- Year 6.

To reserve a place on any of the training please contact: Sarah Makin or Paula Foster