Maths Hub NW 3- Primary and Secondary Mastery specialists application round NOW OPEN

Dear Colleagues,

The NCETM is today announcing details of the recruitment of two further waves of teachers – one primary, one secondary – to become specialists in mastery approaches to teaching maths.

As in the previous two years, 140 primary teachers will be selected to join the primary Mastery Specialists programme, run by the NCETM in conjunction with Maths Hubs.

At the same time, a smaller number of secondary teachers is sought, to join the secondary Mastery Specialists programme, also run within Maths Hubs.

Primary: each Maths Hub will select four teachers to take part in the development year of the programme during 2018-19, and, in the following year, work with small groups of nearby schools to help them introduce teaching for mastery themselves. More information and an application form can be downloaded here. Closing date: 5 March 2018.

Secondary: each Maths Hubs will select between two and four teachers to attend training events, and start in-school work, during this school year (2017-18), and continue their work next year (2018-19) and beyond. More information and an application form can be downloaded here. Closing date: 19 February 2018.

This is the latest phase of the wider Teaching for Mastery Programme, funded by the DfE and launched in 2016, which will eventually result in the training of approaching a thousand Mastery Specialists, across the primary and secondary phases, who, collectively, will pass on their expertise in teaching for mastery to more than 11 000 schools by 2023.

We look forward to receiving your applications soon.
Kind Regards

Lisa Bradshaw

Director of the St Helens Teaching School Alliance and NW Maths Hub 3
Director of School Improvement- Three Saints Academy Trust