Using Physical Activity to raise attitudes and attainment in mathematics

Course description

The course looks at the research, rationale and benefits of ‘active learning’ and gives teachers practical ideas on how to implement ‘Active Maths’ in to the curriculum. Delegates will be introduced to the highly acclaimed and praised resource ‘Maths of the Day’ – a website that provides teachers and teaching assistants with over 1000 lesson plans on how to deliver ‘active maths’. The resource is used in schools across the UK and internationally and is having a huge impact on attitudes to maths, attainment in maths, levels of physical activity and whole child development. “As a result of Maths of the Day, attainment in maths – and children’s enjoyment of maths – is improving” Ofsted

Who is the course for?

Maths leaders/PE leaders/HT’s/SLT  – Any teacher concerned/interested in raising standards in maths / increasing levels of physical activity

DATE AND TIME: Wednesday 28th November, 9-12 noon at The World of Glass, St Helens.

HOW TO BOOK: Please email: Paula Foster or Sarah Makin

* Please note: This course is not appropriate for Teaching Assistants or PE coaches/ outside agencies working within schools.

Please see attached further details about the impact of the training.