NW Maths Hub 3- Primary Maths offers

The St Helens TSA, lead alliance for NW Maths hub 3, would like to offer all primary schools across the NW the opportunity to attend the following Mathematics CPDL:

  • Teaching times tables– preparing to test (LKs2 and UKs2)
  • Planning to Progress and Assess- Mathematical lesson design (Year group training). This session is in two parts- Part 1 in autumn and Part 2 in spring 2019.
  • Year 6 Preparation for SATs
  • Differentiation in a Mastery Context
  • EYFS- Using a story/topic based approach to plan a mathematical sequence
  • Assessment of Mastery– Moderation and Standardisation
  • Nursery Practitioners: Maths everywhere, improving the quality and raising expectations

In addition: Excellent Maths Teacher Programme and Maths SL network.

For further details including focus of the sessions, Venues/Dates and associated costs please see the flyers:

Maths Primary 2018-19 CPD programme autumn

Differentation in a mastery context 2018_19

Maths SL Network Primary 2018-19


If you wish to book on any of the following sessions please email or call:

Sarah Makin (Senior Administrator): sarah.makin@three-saints.org.uk

Paula Foster (Administrator): paula.foster@three-saints.org.uk