Shanghai Mastery Open Sessions Secondary

NW Maths Hubs would like to invite ALL Secondary Practitioners to the following event:

Shanghai Mastery Open Sessions

2016 saw the launch of the NCETM’s Secondary Teaching for Mastery Programme, which remains its foremost initiative in both primary and secondary education in England.

2018-19 now sees a pilot China-England Secondary Teacher Exchange, organised by the NCETM and the Department for Education.

In November, sixteen English teachers of mathematics will travel to Shanghai, where mastery has transformed the region into one of the highest performing in mathematics education in the world. All sixteen teachers are already NCETM trained Mastery Specialists, but aim to learn more about its successful implementation across an entire area of both primary and secondary schools. They aim to gain a first-hand understanding of which aspects of the approach can benefit English schoolchildren.

The return leg of the exchange will take place in January 2019, when two teachers from Shanghai will work in Loreto Grammar School in Altrincham.

We are excited to be hosting these teachers and would like to invite you to attend one of the two

‘Shanghai Mastery’ open events that we are holding:

Tuesday 22/01/19 – 11am – 2pm

Wednesday 23/01/19 – 1.15pm – 4.15pm

This unique CPD opportunity to observe lessons taught by the Shanghai teachers is suitable for any secondary teacher of mathematics, who wants to find out more about the mastery approach to teaching and learning.

Each session is free of charge and includes a pre-lesson briefing, full lesson observation and review. At the end of the event, information will be shared on how you can gain support to implement mastery in your school.

Places will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

To book a session or for further details contact:  

We hope to see you all there!