Become a Secondary Mastery Specialist

Want to become an expert in teaching for mastery and work towards taking it beyond your own school? Train to become a Mastery Specialist. In this role you will receive fully funded training from experts, develop your own expertise, and then support others.

The programme

Year One: you attend three residential training events and concentrate on your own classroom teaching.

·         Year Two: you help spread mastery teaching approaches across your department.

·         Year Three: you support two other local schools along the same route.

All the time, you keep in touch with counterparts across the country in online groups. You can share experiences and continue developmental conversations.

As part of the Mastery Specialist programme, you will also work to achieve NCETM PD Lead status.

If you want to apply to be a Mastery Specialist, you should be:

·         A strong classroom practitioner

·         Passionate about the power of teaching for mastery

·         Keen to work beyond your own school

·         Able to commit to a three-year programme

·         Supported by your headteacher/SLT.

Apply now to become a Mastery Specialist

Complete the application form (see attached) and have it signed by your headteacher/SLT. Then email it to We will allocate your application to your local hub, who will keep in touch with you as it is processed. Make sure you submit your application to us by 5pm on April 26 2019.