NCETM Accredited Professional Development Lead Programme

The NCETM Accredited Professional Development Lead Programme is designed specifically to increase the number of such people and is part of the Maths Hubs Network’s strategy to build up a group of Professional Development Leads who can support the work of hubs.

Maths Hubs are now recruiting teachers to join these programmes in 2019/20.

Who should apply?

(Early Years, Primary, Secondary, Core Maths and A level Maths)

The programme is for those with previous experience of leading the professional development of teachers of maths, either in their own school/college or more widely. Participants will be expected to commit to the full programme of activities and will need the support of their organisation to enable full participation. Applicants must have the willingness and capacity to work with teachers in other schools/colleges locally and their school must support this work. In addition, the applicant will require the support of a Maths Hub, who will sponsor their participation in the programme and provide opportunity for them to work as a PD Lead in future.


The PD Lead programmes are funded by the Maths Hub Network . Funding covers provision of the three face-to-face days, online and email coaching and tutoring from the Work Group Leads throughout the duration of the programme, and all administration involved in subsequent accreditation. This means that all applicants must be sponsored by a Maths Hub. Please indicate on your application form which Maths Hub you are applying to for sponsorship (a list of the Maths Hubs is given in the appendix). NW Maths hub 3 covers teachers in the following areas: St Helens, Liverpool, Knowsley, Sefton and Wigan.

Maths Hubs will sponsor applicants with a payment of £800 for four days of release time.

How to apply

Applicants, with the support of their headteacher/principal/senior manager, should complete the form below and submit it to the NCETM ( ) by 1 July 2019. You will receive a confirmation of receipt email from the NCETM. The selection process will be completed by the beginning of September 2019 and you will receive notification of the result of your application soon after.

Please see the flyer attached for further information and application details..